Pastor’s Recommendation
for 2=1 Group Leadership


2=1 group leadership requires one night a week for the group meeting including meeting with their Leaders in Training (before or after the group meeting) to intercede for the couples in their group. In addition, they complete their leadership training studies, together with the Life Application studies along with the rest of their group.

We believe 2=1 leadership is a major ministry call to marriages. It is not our intent to take current leadership from your church. Instead, we desire to train up couples to serve in the Kingdom of God through ministering to homes in Jesus’ Name. With this in mind we ask that a couple into whom we invest training and oversight be willing to commit to leadership of two 2=1 groups following completion of training and certification as leaders over the next two years. We believe your church will benefit greatly from the ministry of this couple as they reach out to marriages in your community even though your congregation is not their sole mission field.

Pastor's Information